Features Matn's hydraulically driven yacht stabilizer system consists of the following components: - tank for hydraulic oil - hydraulic pump driven by the main engines or separately by an electric motor cooler - proportional valves - actuators with hydraulic drive and sensor feedback of the fin position - fins - computer with built in movement sensors - touch screen panel to operate the system - The tank, pump and cooler can be integrated in the hydraulic system of the ship but MATN’S can also provide those components separately, assembled in a power pack. Fins The fins are made from grade A steel and have a NACA0012 profile. They are protected from corrosion by a 3 layer epoxy paint system. Other materials (carbon composite for example) are possible for the production of the fins.Our standard systems are developed for different sizes of ships and we have a range of stabilizers with a shaft diameter from 60mm to 220mm.
The systems are easy to install and can be mounted on steel, aluminium, wood and GRP hulls.

Separate from the standard range, we make tailor-made solutions for every kind of ship, for example with four fins or electronics integrated in your ship’s system.

The choice of the fin size is determined by a calculation using the following parameters:
  • length of the ship
  • beam of the ship
  • draught of the ship
  • top speed
  • stabilisation design speed
  • metacentric height (GM)
  • displacement
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