The Company
        Matn’s Stabilizers develops, manufactures and sells stabilizers for luxury yachts, commercial vessels and naval ships.
        From the beginning Matn's is working with its own team of designers and engineers, because skilled people, with the necessary knowledge and experience are required to make exceptional products with the highest quality.
        All developers, engineers and advisors who work for Matn’s Stabilizers have earned their spurs in management positions, at prominent companies. As a result, the company has the knowledge and experience in the following fields: Naval engineering, mechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering, computer aided design, electronic controls engineering, electronic hard and software development, manufacturing technology.
The Team
        The team consists of a group of enthusiastic people with a passion for their work and water sports. Together they ensure that fantastic products can be developed, manufactured and sold. Most employees originate from the north of the Netherlands and mainly from the province of Friesland. This environment is of course well known for the many water sport opportunities. The combination of these factors ensures that Matn’s Stabilizers has become a sound and reliable company with exceptional products.
The Company