Touch screen possibilities

New STPRO controller generation
We're excited to unveil our new generation of controllers, a brand-new modular control system with three RS-485 buses. This innovation leads to new unique features in our control systems. Besides the fact that the RS-485 buses are the best solution for using longer cable lengths, the different buses can be used for:  
  1. Connecting the various controllers and touch screens
  2. Data logging of the system. Data, which are stored, for example: operating hours, oil temperature, condition of the oil, on-board voltage, etc.. This data is used to provide our clients better and more specific maintenance. The received data can also helps our R & D department developing new stabilizer products with the highest standards.
  3. Internet Interface for direct servicing our systems globally. Without the disadvantages of traveling time and costs.
Our clients will enjoy even more the communication and support features that MATN'S Stabilizers offers. The new generation controllers are now available.