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STPRO 4004
The STPRO4004 computer with built in movement sensors calculates the required fin positions, compared with the STPRO4003 the STPRO4004 is equipped with components for anchor stabilization.

based on the input from the sensors and the control algorithm approximately 100 times per second. The static angle of the boat is also compensated. Furthermore this system also works better for types of seas with long waves (following sea). The control of the STPRO4004 is adaptive, this means that the adjustment of this type is automatic, along with a manual possibility. The static angle of the boat is also compensated. The control unit uses modern technology in the most sound construction.

By using a color touch-screen the operation of the system is visualized and the user is able to adjust and monitor many control parameters during sailing. All components and programs have proved themselves in practice.